Mosquito Plans Discovered

Airbus have made the amazing discovery of over 20,000 plans and technical drawings of the famous Misquito while clearing out their factory in Broughton. The plans for the place, which were thought until now to be lost, could enable them to completely reconstruct the mainly ply and balsa wood aircraft. The Mosquito was one of […]

Bouncing Bomb Discovered in Kent

The remains of one of the famous bouncing bombs has been spotted on the beaches of Kent. Developed for use in the ‘Dambuster’ raid of May 1943, the bombs were designed to literally bounce over the surface of the water to avoid nets and defences before sinking and detonating. They were made famous in their […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Cufflinks.

Traditionally men have shied away from the idea of wearing jewellery. Fear not. The horror and sweaty palms of the ‘mens accessories’ section can be easily negotiated with a few simple rules: DO keep it simple. Unless you’re an american rap artist or work in a job that requires a high level bling, its always […]

The Aircraft of the Battle of Britain

As the Second World War raged through into the summer of 1940, Britain and Germany faced off against one another in the skies above the English Channel. If the German forces were going to invade the UK mainland they needed air supremacy. Against them stood a range of aircraft that have become legendary. Hawker Hurricane […]