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English Electric Lightning, cast in bronze and enameled

XS 932 F6


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Designed as a dedicated defence interceptor, the English Electric Lightning was a single seat, guided missile armed air superiority fighter whose mission was to defend mainland Britain against Soviet bomber attack. Holder of the world air-speed record, the Lightning was renowned for its stunning Mach 2 performance, with superior speed, acceleration and climb performance to all other fighter aircraft of the time.

Lightning XS 932 first flew on 9th April 1967 and was allocated to 11 Squadron based at Leuchars in Fife where it flew intercept missions on Soviet bombers that regularly probed British airspace. In 1971 it was transferred to 56 Squadron, later being allocated to 5 Squadron where it remained until its last flight in 1986.

The cufflinks are made from a section of the aircraft wing, salvaged in 1988.